Top 10 onion sites

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Top 10 onion sites
Кука Буров
24 Aug 2015

In addition to open blocked sites, Tor Browser allows you to open onion sites. These sites cannot be opened from clear net. Therefore, the only way to open onion site is to use Tor Browser. The below are the most popular and famous onion sites that you should visit.

This list is generated by your expressions at the onion service rating.


  1. BTDigg - Unique torrents search engine, which has its own mirror in Tor network. Now you can download any torrent even if tracker is blocked.
  2. Flibusta - Flibusta is a famous electronic library in the «onion» version. Here you can absolutely free download thousands of books on a variety of devices (tablets, phones, e-books, etc.) in Russian without any tiresome registration. If you are interested in publications in foreign languages, then you will need to be registered.
  3. not Evil - That is another search engine in Tor where no advrtisment and tracking — just search. Service authors have good sense of humor. Look at logo and you will understand their main competitor.
  4. Matrix Image Uploader - There is the place where you can upload and share images anonymously. Images are stord for 7 days.
  5. Tor Wiki - Tor links database. That is very useful resource as almost every link here has mark. This mark tells you is it good site or not.
  6. TORCH - The Internet can't be without search engines. That is true for Darknet as well. TORCH is a good search engine for onion services. More than 650K pages have been indexed now and index amount is growing every day.
  7. 100x Coins - Do you want to multiply your coins? Find another way to do it. And don't waste your time on this site and its copies. It's definitly scam.
  8. Hidden Answers - Sirvice is to ask about everything that you are afraid to ask in clearnet.
  9. BlackBook - Social network. There are a lot of groups, blogs and forums.
  10. Facebook Onion - Well-known social network also has its own dark net mirror. It is very useful link for Chinese users who wants to be the park of global social network. That is very good place to create your own alter ago anonymously as well.


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