Tor browser for Windows

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Tor is both a convenient browser and an open network. With the use of Tor you can protect yourself against network surveillance, ensure your anonymity, that is to travel around the expanses of the Internet incognito, without disclosing your goals, contacts and personal information. No traffic analysis, no annoying and aggressive advertising, no threat to the declassification of your business interests. Also, "closed" websites will also be available, and there can often be found a lot of interesting and useful information.

Wandering through the websites, you do not leave any traces - your location or any private data are not available to an unauthorized person. Information passes too long way, spontaneously choosing the server, so that you cannot fix it. Virtual channels connect computers all over the world. Repeaters of communication, used by Tor for redirection, are the specific volunteers and you, by the way, can join them, too. Here is the way how anonymity is ensured in Tor.

You can download Tor browser from this page for free. Simply click on the green load button at the bottom of the page. You will have a lot of opportunities at once. In particular, you can create a virtual IP-address, set up "as one sees fit" the look of the program, hide all the data about your location, get an anonymous and secure surfing. After closing the browser, you can remove all the Cookie-files.

Download browser Tor for Windows (x86-64) (13.0.10): our site or

By the way, Tor is not required to be installed specifically. It is installed automatically. Herewith, it’s a Russian-language program and easy to use. Tor Browser has all the necessary utilities, responsible for the complete operation. These are: the browser, its graphical shell, called the Vidalia, a portable version of Firefox (the browser is suitable for using Tor), with built-in settings needed for Tor. Torbutton add-on is also installed; extension HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript script blocker are specified.

With other applications and client services on your computer Tor communicates using TCP protocol. By the way, on the basis thereof can be developed new applications. Tools for protection of anonymity will be built automatically into them.