Tor for Linux

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Tor, as it is known, is primarily used to provide anonymity while using the Internet, and to provide protection and safety of the user.

With Tor you can not only surf the Internet anonymously, but also use internet messaging, IRC, SSH, a variety of other software products that use the TCP protocol. A developer can make new applications on TCP platform. Anonymity and all the necessary elements for the privacy will be built in automatically. You will also be able to view those sites which, for one reason or another, have recently been "closed". Formalists of "Roskomnadzor" sometimes block individual sites, although they do not constitute a threat and contain a lot of useful information for the visitor of the Internet at the same time.

How is anonymity provided in Tor? Due to constant changes of connection inside the distributed network of servers. They are called onion routers. The path from the source to the destination when using Tor is not a straight line - it is much longer than with the usual connection. And this path is completely random, passes through several servers, thereby it is almost impossible to track the movement.

Moreover, even the onion routers are not able to give a clue who you are and where you are now. Tor is the best defender from the traffic analysis. Exactly this form of network surveillance is the greatest threat to user privacy. Therefore, you can easily maintain the confidentiality of your business activity, your relationship with other online visitors.

Download Tor for Linux (x86-64) (13.0.15): our site or

Every day traffic analysis is applied by different companies, government, and some people who need to keep track of what sites people visit, for what purpose. For example, it may be used to impose aggressive advertising or to take even more dangerous actions.

By the way, when you use Tor, you always have a choice - if you wish, you can remain anonymous, if not - you can identify yourself.

It’s quite simple to install Tor in Linux - you just need to download the browser and unpack the file. Detailed commands for installation and running of the program on any * nix ОС are listed below.

Extract the package to the desktop

tar -C ~/Desktop -xvJf tor-browser-linux32-4.5_LANG.tar.xz

or (for 64-bit OS)

tar -C ~/Desktop -xvJf tor-browser-linux64-4.5_LANG.tar.xz

Go to the folder with the program

cd tor-browser_LANG

It is possible to start Tor browser on Linux with a double click on the icon of the Tor browser or running the start-tor-browser.desktop from a terminal window:


After start-up the Mozilla Firefox window will open and browser will connect to the Tor network. Never unpack and do not run Tor Browser Bundle under an account root.