Download Tor browser portable and install it on usb drive

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Download Tor browser portable and install it on usb drive

Tor is the best way to hide your identity in the Internet and interests from the prying eyes of service providers and network administrators. And it's great that it’s always at hand. Of course, at any moment you can download Tor browser from the official or our sites, but not always you will have such opportunity in a foreign network. Therefore, we recommend using Tor browser portable, installed on a USB drive.

There is nothing easier than penetrating into a foreign network with a USB drive and immediately getting all the benefits of Tor. To create Tor portable it is enough to download Tor Browser Bundle from our website and during installation to select the removable disk as the storage location for the program. After all, the browser is originally delivered by developers as a portable solution that does not require administrative rights, or record to the system partitions of the operating system.

Установка на съемный диск

Then follow the instructions of the installation wizard. They come down to clicking on OK and Next. And after a few seconds you already have a portable Tor.

Download Tor browser portable for Windows (x86-64) (13.0.10): our site or

Now you can safely connect to the Internet from any computer using the Tor network, without leaving any traces.

Just remember that while working in the Internet files are downloaded to the user's folder. As a rule, this is the C: drive of the computer. Keep this in mind if you do not want to leave a trace.


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