Download Tor though torrent

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Download Tor though torrent

For many users the secure surfing in the worldwide network is very important. Here comes anonymity, hiding location and interests. All this is provided by Tor Browser Bundle. Moreover, due to Tor it is possible to visit blocked websites but with any other browsers it doesn’t work. And it is very easy to be installed - download Tor via torrent.

Confidentiality may be important for different reasons and to different people, for example, bloggers, journalists, businessmen, who do not want anyone to know about their contacts. The blocked websites are not necessarily "banned" because of the content of any "harmful" information - Internet censors often go too far and useful resources are blocked.


Then, how does the Tor ensure your Internet security? It provides routing of the user’s network traffic on a network of servers that provide volunteers worldwide. Thus, it is simply impossible to track your Internet traffic. You can use the Tor on all operating systems (like Linux, Mac OS X, and the most popular Windows). All you need is to download Tor Browser package via torrent, unpack and run it. Moreover, Tor Browser can be run from a flash drive.

Download Tor torrent

How to run the downloaded Tor Browser Bundle? After an unpacking in the directory that you have chosen, there will be a folder with the extracted files, and inside you will find the Start Tor Browser.exe application and run it. Tor will automatically open Firefox. It will show only those web pages that are included in the installation package of the browser. So, using Opera or Internet Explorer you do not apply Tor. Before you go to the desired page, check if in the lower right corner of the browser there is a message that Tor is enabled. To provide the complete safety do not use the standard Firefox at the time of Browser Bundle package. And pre-close all the windows of the standard browser. All the web pages from history and cookies will be removed, and this will increase safety. When you close the Tor Browser Bundle, will automatically close Vidalia, and Tor. Please also note that encrypting your traffic and making anonymous its source, Tor can not do the same with the recipient. Therefore, as when using standard browsers, for security purposes use either HTTPS, or other variants of the final encryption.


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