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Type: Markets
Address: http://bx6abtqqdpy3shbbactzzbxp7rf3g3mrfqjljece57z4vpdanr2yboqd.onion

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Bohemia market first appeared in June of 2021. The market got a lot of attention due to its low vendor bond of only $200. The market is really solid and feature packed which contributed to it's rise and helped it get to where it is today.

The design of the market is looks really modern and pleasant. It features a fairly standard but intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate. The homepage looks really clean and displays all sorts of information. Mainly this includes top listings, account information, but also the prices of accepted currencies. An advanced rating system is also in-place to prevent any scams.

Feature wise, Bohemia packs everything that you'd expect. All messages are encrypted using PGP. The PGP key can also be used for 2FA Login. Payments can take place using either Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR) which is more secure. These transactions are protected by traditional escrow support. 24/7 support is present to help resolve any disputes. Early Finalization (FE) is also supported for trusted vendors. The market even features a referral program, paying 25% of all earning.

Bohemia does not lack any novelty features. The market gives users the ability to purchase multiple listings at once while checking out. This doesn't sound innovative but is a feature that lacks on most other dark-net markets. Recently bohemia even collaborated with Recon to implement its merchant cross reference system.